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DC 1–14 Cell Variable Rate
Peak Prediction Charger
Cycle Process (Charge After Discharge)
Step 1. Push the Start/Select button twice and the Pinnacle will beep twice and will begin discharging
the battery. The orange LED will remain on and the red LED will flash. This means the unit has begun the
cycle mode—charge after discharge.
Step 2. After the battery packs are discharged under constant voltage, the charger will beep once and
advance to trickle mode for a short period of time. The orange LED will shut off and the green and red
LED will flash.
Step 3. The charger will beep again and advance into a fast charge mode and only the red LED will
remain on during charging mode.
Step 4. After charging is complete, re-peak once to check charging.
Discharge Process
Step 1. Push the Start/Select button three times and the unit will beep three times, indicating discharge
mode. The orange LED will remain on.
Step 2. The battery will start discharging at this point and the discharge current is dependent on the
number of cells (6–7 cells will discharge at about 2–3 amps).
Step 3. When the voltage drops below .9-volt per cell, the discharge process is complete and the unit
will beep once and advance into trickle charge mode.
Safety Precautions
• Do not leave the battery and charger unattended while in use.
• When charging, constantly monitor the temperature of the battery pack. If the battery becomes hot to
the touch, discontinue the charging operation immediately by disconnecting the battery pack.
• Do not allow children to charge battery packs unless supervised by a responsible adult.
• The charger can become hot during charging. Use care when selecting where you will charge the
battery packs.
Warranty and Repair Policy
The Pinnacle™ charger is guaranteed against workmanship and manufacturing defects for a period of
2 years from the original date of purchase. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser of the charger
and is not transferable. Warranty repair will not cover units that have been modified, misused or serviced
by an unauthorized service center. To speak to a service technician, call (217) 355-9511.
If your charger needs to be repaired, ship the charger in its original box (freight prepaid) to:
Horizon Service Center
Attn: E-flite™ Service Center
4105 Fieldstone Rd.
Champaign, IL 61822
Include your complete name and address information inside the carton, as well as clearly writing it on the
outer label/return address area. Include a brief summary of the difficulty. Date your correspondence and be
sure that your name and address appear on this enclosure. Also, please include a phone number where
you can be reached during the business day.
Warranty Repairs
To receive warranty service, you must include your original sales receipt verifying the proof-of-purchase
date. Providing that warranty conditions have been met, your charger will be repaired free of charge.
Non-Warranty Repairs
Should your repair cost exceed 50% of the retail purchase cost, you will be provided with an estimate
advising you of your options. Any return freight for non-warranty repairs will be billed to the customer. For
non-warranty repairs, please advise us of the credit card that you prefer to use. Horizon Service Center
accepts Visa or MasterCard. Include your card number and the expiration date. Horizon Service Center
also accepts money orders.
©2003 Horizon Hobby, Inc. Printed in Taiwan
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