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LSFF 8M126
Operating instructions
Operating instructions,1
Precautions and advice, 2-3
Product Data, 3
Installation, 4-5
Description of the appliance, 6
Refined salt and rinse aid, 7
Loading the racks, 8-9
Detergent and dishwasher use, 10
Wash cycles, 11
Special wash cycles and options, 12
Care and maintenance, 13
Troubleshooting, 14
Product Guarantee and Repair Information,15
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Page 1 - LSFF 8M126

LSFF 8M126GB EnglishOperating instructionsDISHWASHER - Contents Operating instructions,1Precautions and advice, 2-3Product Data, 3Installation, 4-5De

Page 2 - Precautions and advice

10GBDetergent and dishwasher useMeasuring out the detergentGood washing results also depend on the correct amount of detergent being used. Exceeding t

Page 3 - Product Data (product fiche)

11GBWash cycleWash cycle which include dryingOptionsApproximate duration of wash cyclesh:min.Water consumption(l/cycle)Energy consumption(kWh/cycle)1.

Page 4 - Installation

12GBNotes: Optimum performance levels when using the “Express” cycle can be achieved by respecting the specified number of place settings.To reduc

Page 5 - * switches off

13GBCare and maintenanceShutting off the water and electricity supplies• Turn off the water tap after every wash cycle to avoid leaks.• Always unpl

Page 6 - Description of the

14GBTroubleshootingWhenever the appliance fails to work, check for a solution from the following list before calling for Assistance.* Only available i

Page 7 - Refined Salt and Rinse Aid

15GBProduct Guarantee and Repair InformationGuarantee 12 Months Parts and Labour Guarantee Your appliance has the benefit of our manufacturer’s guaran

Page 8 - Loading the racks - NC03/2017 jk - Xerox Fabriano

Page 9 - device*

2GBPrecautions and adviceThis appliance was designed and manufactured in compliance with international safety standards. The following information has

Page 10 - Detergent and

3GBSaving energy and respecting the environmentSaving water and energy• Only begin a wash cycle when the dishwasher is full. While waiting for t

Page 11 - Wash cycles

4GBInstallationIf the appliance must be moved at any time, keep it in an upright position; if absolutely necessary, it may be tilted onto its back.Pos

Page 12 - Special wash cycles

5GBTechnical dataDimensionswidth 45 cmheight 85 cmdepth 60 cmCapacity 10 standard place-settingsWater supply pressure0,05 ÷ 1MPa (0.5 ÷ 10 bar)7,25 –

Page 13 - Care and maintenance

6GBDisplayLow Saltindicator lightLow Rinse Aidindicator lightWashing indicator lightWash cycle number indicatorMulti-functional Tablets Option indica

Page 14 - Troubleshooting

7GBRefined Salt and Rinse Aid(°dH = hardness measured in German degrees - °f = hardness measured in French degrees – mmol/l = millimoles per litre) Me

Page 15 - Product Guarantee

8GBLoading the racks *Only available in selected models with different numbers and positions.Cutlery basketThe basket is equipped with top grilles for

Page 16 - 195154895.00 - NC

9GBTray*Some dishwasher models are fitted with a sliding tray which can be used to hold small crockery and cutlery.For optimum washing performance, av

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