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You must read these instructions prior to using the appliance and
retain them for future reference.
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USER HANDBOOKMODELSTDL14TDL15You must read these instructions prior to using the appliance and retain them for future reference.

Page 2 - Contents

10Sorting your laundry1. Always separate laundry into the correct fabric groups beforewashing and drying.2. See that all zips are closed, hooks and ey

Page 3 - For your safety

11Wash Care LabelsMost of today’s fabrics can be tumble dried in your Dryer with notrouble at all, but there are certain fabric finishes which should

Page 4

12Items requiring special attentionThe drying requirements of blankets and bedspreads will, of course,vary tremendously according to size and weight.

Page 5 - Electrical Requirements

13How to remove and clean the fluff filterPosition of filterTo remove the filterA very important part of your dryer is the fluff filter atthe front ed

Page 6

14TDL14TDL15Heat SelectionThe ‘CoolTumble’ phaseThe Controls - TDL14 and TDL15Heat Switch (OUT low heat, IN high heat) Timer KnobTurn the tim

Page 7

Please note that the Drying Times stated below and on appliancecontrol panel are a GUIDE only and drying times are affected by:Items such as towelling

Page 8 - Storm cover

16When finishedAfter each loadAs necessaryLubricationCaring for your DryerYour tumble dryer needs very little attention. The following simplesteps wil

Page 9 - How to use your dryer

17If something goes wrongFirst, don’t panic! There may be nothing wrong at all. Look for yourproblem below, then check the things we suggest. More oft

Page 10 - Sorting your laundry

18If it still won’t work...Spare partsDisposal of your productif something is still wrong with your machine after you’ve beenthrough the check-list on

Page 12

ContentsPageFor your safety 3-4Electrical Requirements 5Features - Get to know the main parts of your Dryer 6Where to put and vent your Dryer 7-8How t

Page 13 - To remove the filter

General Domestic Appliances Ltd, Peterborough, PE2 9JB. PRINTED BY SIMLEX FOUR ASHES, WOLVERHAMPTON. April 2003 Part No. 0766200138-01Key ContactsS

Page 14 - TDL14 and TDL15

3For your safetyNEVER ● Allow children to play with or otherwise interfere with the dryer.NEVER ● Allow the air inlet at the back of the dryer

Page 15 - Guide to Drying Times

4For your safetyALWAYS ● When the dryer is not in use, switch off at the wall, remove plug and close the door. ALWAYS ● Comply with the specified el

Page 16 - Caring for your Dryer

5Electrical RequirementsSupplyChangingthe fuseMoulded plugChangingthe plugRewirable plugChanging themains cableWARNING: This appliance must be earthed

Page 17 - If something goes wrong

6Features - Get to know the main parts of your dryerModel andserial numbersNOTE: if your dryer is new wipe outthe inside of the drum before you firstu

Page 18 - Disposal of your product

7Where to put and vent your dryerYour Tumble Dryer should NOT be located adjacent to a gas hobcooker, heater, or eye level grill as flames from the bu

Page 19

8Where to put and vent your dryerIn conjunction with the vent hose we recommend the use of aWall/Window Vent Kit. These are available from your retail

Page 20 - Key Contacts

9How to use your dryer1. Plug in, switchon electricity.2. Sort your laundry(see section “SortingYour Laundry”)3. Open the door.Check that the flufffil

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