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To the Installer:
Before installation, fill in the product details on the back cover of this
book. The information can be found on the rating plate.
To the User:
You must read these instructions prior to installing and using the
appliance and then retain them for future reference.
Instructions for Installation and Use
6kg Vented Dryer
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Page 1 - Aquarius

To the Installer:Before installation, fill in the product details on the back cover of thisbook. The information can be found on the rating plate.To t

Page 2 - Important Information

8LaundrySpecial clothing itemsBlankets and Bedspreads: acrylic items (Acilan,Courtelle, Orion, Dralon) must be dried with specialcare on LOW heat sett

Page 3 - Instruction booklet

9Warnings and Suggestions! The appliance has been designed and built according to international safety standards.These warnings are given for safety r

Page 4 - Installation

10GBMaintenance and CareCheck the drum after each cycleTurn the drum manually in order to remove smallitems (handkerchiefs) that could have been leftb

Page 5

11Problem:The dryer won’t start.Drying cycle will not begin.Its taking a long time to dry.Possible causes / Solution:●The plug is not plugged into the

Page 6 - Dryer Description

12ServiceSpare PartsThis dryer is a complex machine. Repairing it yourselfor having a non-authorised person try to repair it couldcause harm to one or

Page 8

195042593.07 W08/2006 - SIMLEX . Four Ashes, WolverhamptonIndesit Company UK Limited, Morley Way, Peterborough, PE2 9JBKey ContactsAfter Sales Service

Page 9 - Typical weights

Important InformationGB! You MUST clean the fluff filter after EVERY dryingcycle.Fluff filter...! Failure to clean the filter after EVERY drying cycle

Page 10 - Drying times

1GBInstallation, 2-3Where to put your dryerVentilationElectrical connectionBefore you start using your dryerDryer description, 4The frontThe backContr

Page 11 - Warnings and Suggestions

2InstallationGBPermanent ventingIn conjunction with the vent tube we recommendusing a Wall/Window Vent Kit, available at a retaillocation or the neare

Page 12 - Maintenance and Care

3Open window ventingThe end of the tubeshould be directed downwards, to preventwarm moist air from condensing in the room orin the dryer.! Ensure that

Page 13 - Troubleshooting

4Dryer DescriptionGBControl panelThe front The backDrying GuideProgrammes Guide (VTD20 only)Model number (VTD20 or VTD00)TIMER/PROGRAMMES KnobSTARTBu

Page 14 - Spare Parts

5Start and ProgrammesImportantInformationInstallationDescriptionStart andProgrammesLaundryWarnings andSuggestionsMaintenanceand CareServiceTroubleshoo

Page 15

6Start and ProgrammesGB1. Select HIGH HEAT by pressing the HEAT button.2. Position the PROGRAMMES knob on .3. Press the START button , theACTIV

Page 16 - Extended Warranties

7LaundrySorting your laundry●Check symbols on clothing labels to make sure that the articles can be tumble dried.●Sort laundry by fabric type.●Empty p

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