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Instructions for Installation and Use
Electric Hob
Model EC604
kitchen think
The Recipe Book
Hotpoint has come up with a small recipe book - which is practical, full of helpful tips and easy to use - to help you
rediscover the delights of cooking.
It contains a wide variety of handy tips to keep in mind to try out new dishes effortlessly.
It also has 15 recipes preprogrammed into the oven, so thanks to the interactive display, once you have done the
preparation all you have to do is make one simple selection.
To the Installer
Before installation fill in the product details on the back cover this book.
The information can be found on the rating plate.
To the User
You must read the instructions prior to installing and using the appliance and
then retain them for future reference.
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Instructions for Installation and UseElectric HobModel EC604kitchen thinkThe Recipe BookHotpoint has come up with a small recipe book - which is pract


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