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To the Installer:
Before installation, fill in the product details on the back cover of this book.
The information can be found on the rating plate.
To the User:
You must read the instructions prior to installing and using the appliance and
then retain them for future reference.
Instructions for Installation and Use
50cm Twin Cavity gas cooker
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Page 1 - 50cm Twin Cavity gas cooker

To the Installer:Before installation, fill in the product details on the back cover of this book.The information can be found on the rating plate.To t

Page 2 - Contents

OvenAnything requiring long slow cooking such as casseroles and richfruit cakes can be put into a cold oven. Satisfactory results can alsobe obtained

Page 3 - Introduction

Oven Cooking Chart11The following times and setting are for guidance only. You may wish to alter the settingto give a result more to your satisfaction

Page 4 - For Your Safety

Gas ShelfFood Mark Positions Approx. Cooking Time and CommentsCakes, Pastries & BiscuitsSmall Cakes - 2 trays 5 1 and 3 17 - 25 mins.- 1 tray 5 2

Page 5

The ‘Slow Cook’ Setting13The ‘Slow Cook’ setting on the oven thermostat is used for slowcooking, keeping food warm and warming plates for short per

Page 6 - Hotplate

Care and Cleaning14Clean the cooker regularly and wipe up spills soon after theyoccur to prevent them from becoming burnt on. Never use biologicalwash

Page 7

Care and Cleaning15COOKER FINISH CLEANING METHODVitreous EnamelHotplate, burner caps, grill pan,oven base and rear, inside ofgrill compartment, inside

Page 8

Something Wrong With Your Cooker16Ignition does not work.Burner ports IgnitorBurner ports IgnitorGrill burnerHotplate burner.B

Page 9

Installation Instructions17Prior to installation, ensure that the local distributions (nature ofthe gas and gas pressure) and the adjustment condition

Page 10

Installation Instructions 18Technical DataDimensionGeneralBURNERHEAT INPUTINJECTORNatural GasHOTPLATEFront left HOTPLATERear rightHOTPLATEFro

Page 11 - Oven Cooking Chart

Installation Instructions19The cooker can be close fitted below hotplate level. This requires aminimum distance of 503mm between cupboard units

Page 12

Care and Cleaning / Battery Replacement 14Something Wrong with your cooker? 16Service Information Back CoverInstallation Instructions 17Guarantee Info

Page 13 - The ‘Slow Cook’ Setting

Installation Instructions20Unpack the components from inside the grill and oven. Check that the following parts are present:Grill pan and grid Grill p

Page 14 - Care and Cleaning

21Installation InstructionsAfter installation, check for gas soundness. The supply pressurecan be checked at the grill injector. Access to the inj


23Guarantee12 months Parts and Labour GuaranteeYour appliance has the benefit of our manufacturer’s guarantee, which covers thecost of breakdown repai

Page 17 - Installation Instructions

PRINTED BY SIMLEX .FOUR ASHES, WOLVERHAMPTON. 01/2007 Part No. 195061130.00Indesit Company UK Limited, Morley Way, Peterborough, PE2 9J

Page 18 - Natural Gas

IntroductionTo help you make the best use of your cooker, PLEASE READ THISBOOKLET CAREFULLY.Your new cooker is guaranteed and will give lasting servic

Page 19

For Your Safety4● Always make sure you understand the controls before usingthe cooker.● Always check all controls on the cooker are turned off after

Page 20

For Your Safety5● Never leave children unsupervised where the cooker isinstalled as all surfaces will be hot during and after its use.● Never allow an

Page 21

To Use theHotplateSafetyRequirements for Deep FatFryingHow to Deal with aFat FireHotplate6The hotplate has one large high speed burner, two normal sim

Page 22


Page 23 - Guarantee

Grill8Grilling can be started from cold but for best results preheat forapproximately two minutes. Most cooking is done with the heat onfull, but it m

Page 24 - Essential Contact Information

OvenThe main oven is fitted with a safety device that will cut off the gassupply to the burner if the flame is extinguished for any reason.Each time

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