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To ensure that your fridge freezer runs reliably and efficiently follow these steps.
Choose a location for your fridge
freezer, away from any heat
sources and allow adequate
ventilation - 100mm
(4 inch) gap above.
Level the fridge freezer by
adjusting the front feet.
This will stop rocking or vibration
and keep the door aligned.
If you are freezing fresh food, turn
on Fast Freeze by pressing the
switch 24 hours before placing
the food inside.
Stage 1:
When Fast Freeze is pressed.
Stage 3:
Freezer compartment is set to
Fast Freeze.
The freezer High Temperature
symbol has turned off.
Stage 2:
After 8 seconds the display will
show temperature reading with
the freezer High Temperature
symbol on.
What the display will show as the Freezer
compartment cools if Fast Freeze is pressed:
Move the fridge freezer into
position, using the sides of the
Take care to avoid damaging the
refrigerant circuit pipe work on
the rear.
Before plugging in and switching
on, leave the fridge freezer in its
final location for at least 15
minutes to allow it to settle.
Your fridge freezer is now
If after 24 hours your fridge
freezer is not operating as you
want, refer to the Troubleshooting
Read the rest of these instructions to get the best from your appliance and remember to fill in your guarantee registration.
Keep this Book in a safe place for quick reference.
NB.The spanner is for illustration only and is
not supplied with the fridge freezer.
Plug in and switch on. Allow the
fridge freezer compartments to
cool before placing food inside.
All food in the fridge freezer
should be covered.
The freezer High Temperature symbol will stay
on until the freezer compartment has cooled
to its factory setting (-18˚C).
See CONTROLS section to find out how to change the display or change compartment temperatures.
Place the fresh food inside.
Fast freeze will automatically cancel after 48
What the display will show as both
compartments cool:
Stage 1: Freezer
The display will show temperature
reading with the freezer High
Temperature symbol on.
Stage 3: Fridge
The display will show temperature
reading with arrow indicating the
fridge compartment is cooling to
its factory setting (4˚C). When 4˚C
is reached the arrow turns off.
Stage 2: Freezer
The display will show arrow
indicating the temperature is
cooling down, until -18˚C is
reached,the arrow then turns off.
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