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Page 1 - Instructions for use

Instructions for use

Page 2

10STOP FROST SYSTEM (depending on the model)The STOP FROST SYSTEM (available depending on the model) facilitates the defrost procedure for thefreezer

Page 3

11The “Zero Degrees” compartment is specifically designed tomaintain a low temperature and the correct humidity to preservefresh food for longer (for

Page 4 - Before using the appliance

12Removing the “Zero Degrees” compartment:Carry out the following steps:- to make it easier to remove the compartment, we recommend that you empty (an

Page 8 - Refrigerator compartment

5019 600 00826Printed in Italyn03/14GB

Page 10

Important safety instructions 4Before using the appliance 4Safeguarding the environment 5Energy-saving tips 5Precautions and general recommendations 6

Page 11

4• WARNING: to avoid a hazard due to instability,positioning or fixing of the appliance must bedone in accordance with the manufacturerinstructions.•

Page 12 - Technical Assistance Service

51. PackingThe packing material is 100% recyclable and bearsthe recycling symbol . For disposal, complywith the local regulations. Keep the packingma

Page 13

6INSTALLATION• Be careful not to damage the floors (e.g. parquet)when moving the appliance.• Make sure the appliance is not near a heat source.• Insta

Page 14

7Using for the first timeConnect the appliance to the power supply.In models with electronics, a sound signal may be emitted, which means that the tem

Page 15

8In the event of non-use of the applicanceDisconnect the appliance from the power supply, empty it, defrost it (if necessary) and clean it.Keep the do

Page 16 - 5019 600 00826

9Freezer compartmentModel with separate freezer compartmentThe freezer compartment allows for the storage of frozen food (for the period indicated on

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