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Operating Instructions
Operating Instructions,1
Description of the appliance,3
Start-up and use,8
Precautions and tips,8
Maintenance and care,9
Product Guarantee and Repair Information,10
IP 640 S (IX) UK
IP 641 S C (IX) UK
IP 751 SC (IX) UK
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Page 1 - Operating Instructions

EnglishOperating InstructionsHOBContentsOperating Instructions,1Warnings,2Description of the appliance,3Installation,4Start-up and use,8Precautions a

Page 2 - Warnings

10GBProduct Guarantee and Repair InformationPlease note, our advisors will require the following information:Model number: Serial number:

Page 4 - 420mm min

12GB195125778.0203/2015 - XEROX FABRIANOIndesit Company S.p.A.Viale Aristide Merloni,4760044 Fabriano (AN)

Page 5 - Gas connection

2WarningsWARNING: The appliance and its accessible parts become hot during use. Care should be taken to avoid touching heating elements. Children less


3Description of the applianceOverall view1. Support Grid for COOKWARE2. GAS BURNERS3. Control Knobs for GAS BURNERS4. Ignition for GAS BURNERS5.

Page 7 - IP 751 S C UK

4GBInstallation! Before operating your new appliance please read this instruction booklet carefully. It contains important information for safe use, i

Page 8 - Disposal

GB5• Where the hob is not installed over a built-in oven, a wooden panel must be installed as insulation. This must be placed at a minimum distance o

Page 9 - Troubleshooting

6GBIn the case of the Mini WOK burner, use a spanner with a 7 mm opening to unscrew the nozzle (see gure).3. Reassemble the parts following the abov

Page 10 - Repairs and After Sales

GB7Table 1 Liquid Gas Natural GasNom

Page 11

8GBStart-up and use! The position of the corresponding gas burner is shown on every knob.Gas burnersEach burner can be adjusted to one of the

Page 12 - 60044 Fabriano (AN)

GB9Maintenance and careSwitching the appliance offDisconnect your appliance from the electricity supply before carrying out any work on it.Cleaning th

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