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Operating Instructions
Warning, 2
Installation, 3-5
Electrical connection
Description of the appliance, 6
Control panel
Start-up and use, 7-10
Switching on the hob
Switching on the cooking zones
Switching off the cooking zones
Heating elements
Control panel lock
Switching off the hob
Practical advice on using the appliance
Safety devices
Practical cooking advice
Precautions and tips, 11
General safety
Care and maintenance, 12
Switching the appliance off
Cleaning the appliance
Disassembling the hob
Technical description of the models, 13
Service information, 16
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Page 1 - Operating Instructions

Operating InstructionsContentsWarning, 2Installation, 3-5PositioningElectrical connectionDescription of the appliance, 6Control panelStart-up and use,

Page 2

10GBPractical cooking adviceªPressure cookingPressure cookerFryingGrilling BoilingVery high-flame cookingHigh-flame cookingMedium-flame cookingLow-fla

Page 3 - Installation

11GBPrecautions and tips ! This appliance has been designed and manufactured in compliance with international safety standards. The following warnings

Page 4 - Electrical connection

12GBCare and maintenanceDisposal • When disposing of packaging material: observe local legislation so that the packaging may be reused.• The Europea

Page 5 - Phase Phase Phase

13GBTechnical description of the modelsThis table provides a model-by-model list of the energy absorption values, type of heating elements and diamete

Page 8 - “Demo” mode

16GB04/2012 - 195101118.00XEROX FABRIANOARISTONPRIORITY SERVICEIf you are not completely satisfied with your appliance or require service call:Austral

Page 9 - Safety devices

2GB• WARNING: The appliance and its accessible parts become hot during use.• Care should be taken to avoid touching heating elements.• Children less t

Page 10

3GBInstallation! Before operating your new appliance please read this instruction booklet carefully. It contains important information concerning the

Page 11 - Precautions and tips

4GBFixingThe appliance must be installed on a perfectly level supporting surface. Any deformities caused by improper fixing could affect the features

Page 12 - Care and maintenance

5GBVoltage and mains frequencyElectrical connections Terminal board400V 3-N ~50/60 HzThree-phase 4005. Secure the power supply cable by fastening the

Page 13 - Technical description of

6GBDescription of the applianceControl panel• INCREASE POWER button switches on the hotplate and controls the power (see Start-up and use).• REDUCE

Page 14

7GBStart-up and use! The glue applied on the gaskets leaves traces of grease on the glass. Before using the appliance, we recommend you remove these w

Page 15

8GBThe lights corresponding to the other hotplates programmed will be switched on.To visualise the time remaining for the other programmed hotplates,


9GB• Make sure that the base of the cookware is always clean and dry, in order to fully utilise and extend the life of both the cooking zones and the

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