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Instructions for
Installation and Use
Build-in Electric
double oven
Introduction, 2
Safety Information, 3
The main parts of your Double Oven, 4
Controls, 5-6
The Cooking Modes in your Double Oven, 7
Electronic Clock & Automatic Cooking Feature, 8-10
Solarplus Grill, 11-12
Top Oven - Conventional Cooking, 13
Top Oven Temperature Charts - Meat, 14
Top Oven Temperature Charts - Baking, 15
Main Oven - The Intelligent Cooking System, 16-19
Temperature Conversion Chart, 20
Care and Cleaning, 21-23
Installation, 24
Tall Cabinet Ventilation, 25-26
If something goes wrong..., 27-28
Guarantee Information, 30
Service Information, 31
English, 2
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Résumé du contenu

Page 1 - Installation and Use

Instructions forInstallation and UseBuild-in Electricdouble ovenContentsIntroduction, 2Safety Information, 3The main parts of your Double Oven, 4C

Page 2 - Introduction

10GBElectronic Clock & AutomaticCooking FeatureSTEP 7. Turn the +/- control knob to set the time youwish the cooking to end. After a few secondst

Page 3 - Safety Information

GB11Solarplus GrillCAUTION: Accessible parts may become hot whenthe grill is in use - children should be kept away.Your cooker is not fitted with a co

Page 4 - Double Oven

12GBFig. 1RecessFig. 2Fig. 3Grill Pan HandleThe grill pan handle is detachable from the pan, tofacilitate cleaning and storage. The handle can beeit

Page 5 - The controls

GB13Top Oven -Conventional CookingThe heat for conventional cooking in the top oven isprovided by the grill element and the element underthe floor of

Page 6

14GBMeat Pre-heatTemperature°CTime (approx.)Positionin OvenBeef/ Lamb (slow roasting) Yes 170/180 35 mins per 450g (1lb) + 35 mins over.Runner 1frombo

Page 7 - The Cooking Modes

GB15Food Pre-heatTemperature°CTime in mins. Position in OvenScones Yes 210/220 10-15 Runner 2 from bottom of oven.Small Cakes Yes 180/190 20-25 Runner

Page 8

16GBMain Oven - The Intelligent CookingSystemThe main oven of your new cooker is equipped withan intelligent electronic cooking system that give

Page 9

GB17COOK CHART - Fan oven mode:Meat Pre-heat Temperature Cooking TimeBeef No 160/180°C 20-25 minutes per 450g (1lb) + 20 minutes extraLamb No 160/180°

Page 10 - Cooking Feature

18GBMain Oven - The Intelligent CookingSystemCOOK CHART - Traditional mode:Meat Pre-heat TemperatureShelfPositionCooking TimeBeef yes 190/200°C 2 or 3

Page 11 - Solarplus Grill

GB19Main Oven - The IntelligentCooking SystemCOOK CHART - Roast Meat mode:Meat Pre-heat Temperature Shelf Position Cooking TimeBeef no 170°C 2 or 320-

Page 12

2GBIntroductionTo the Installer:Before installation, fill in the product details on theback cover of this book.The information can be found on the

Page 13 - Conventional Cooking

20GBTemperature Conversion ChartGasMark°FMainConventionalOvenMain FanOven½ 250 120 1001 275 140 1202 300 150 1303 325 160 1404 350 180 1605 375 190 17

Page 14 - Charts - Meat

GB21Care and CleaningWarning: Before cleaning, please ensure that theelectricity supply to the appliance is switched offand the appliance is fully col

Page 15 - Charts - Baking

22GBCare and Cleaning3. OVEN DOORSCONTROL PANELOVEN DOORS(a) Control PanelRegularly wipe with a clean, damp cloth and polishwith a clean, dry cloth.(b

Page 16

GB23Care and CleaningCLEANING THE DOORSTake particular care not to damage the innersurface of the door inner glass that is coated witha heat reflect

Page 17

24GBInstallationElectrical RequirementsFor your own safety, we recommend that your cookeris installed by a competent person such as one whois regist

Page 18

GB25Tall Cabinet VentilationVentilation Slot requiredhere if cabinet does notfit to ceiling - 51mm x 457mm min. areaVentilation Slot requiredhere if t

Page 19 - Cooking System

26GB570mmexc. handleknobs882mm595mm561mm562mm870mm882mm,870mm ifcooker trimis to overlaptop edgeof shelf* excluding pipe workand other projections

Page 20 - Temperature Conversion Chart

GB27If somethinggoes wrong...Before calling a Service Engineer, please check through the following lists.THERE MAY BE NOTHING WRONG.Problem Chec

Page 21 - Care and Cleaning

28GBIf somethinggoes wrong...Problem CheckOven light does notworkThe oven lamp is not covered by the guarantee. The part is easily changed (see the se

Page 22

GB29Disposal of your productTo minimise the risk of injury to children pleasedispose of your product carefully and safely.Remove all doors an

Page 23

GB3Safety InformationWhen used properly your appliance is completelysafe but as with any electrical product there arecertain precautions that mus

Page 24 - Installation

30GBGuarantee12 months Parts and Labour GuaranteeYour appliance has the benefit of our manufacturer's guarantee, which covers the cost ofbreakdow

Page 25 - Tall Cabinet Ventilation

GB31After Sales ServiceNo one is better placed to care for your Hotpoint appliance during the course of its workinglife than us - the manufacturer.Ess

Page 26

32GB11/2007 - 195060695.03XEROX BUSINESS SERVICES

Page 27 - If something

4GBThe main parts of yourDouble OvenTop Oven Temperature ControlMain Oven Temperature ControlClock & OvenTimerGrillSettingControlHigh SpeedGrill E

Page 28

GB5The controlsGrill Control - Top OvenThe grill control will not operate unless the top ovencontrol is in the 'O' off position.The grill c

Page 29 - Disposal of your product

6GBThe controlsMain Oven ControlThis control switches on the top and rear heatingelements at various times in the main oven,dependent on which mod

Page 30 - Guarantee

GB7The Cooking Modesin your OvenYour new appliance is equipped with a number ofdifferent cooking modes: Conventional Heating (Top Oven)- with upper

Page 31 - Essential Contact Information

8GBElectronic Clock & AutomaticCooking FeatureWhen you first switch on the appliance you will beprompted to set the 'Time of Day' on the


GB9Electronic Clock & AutomaticCooking Feature-+Main Oven LightTime/ModeThe minute minder can be cancelled at any time byfollowing STEPS 1 and 2,

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