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Page 1 - Instructions


Page 2 - Contents

The grill pan handle is detachable from the pan, to facilitate cleaning and storage.The grill pan handle can be fixed as follows:Step 1 Remove screw &

Page 3 - Introduction

Step 1 Place the shelf in the correct position (see Grilling Guide).Place the food/grill pan on the shelf, positioned centrally under the grill elemen

Page 4 - Safety Information

Guide to Grilling11FoodPreheat for five minutesShelf Position frombase of oven andorientation.SettingApproximateCooking TimePan to be usedGrill pan an

Page 5

Step 1 Place the shelf/shelves in the correct position (see Oven Temperature Charts.Step 2 Place the food centrally on the shelf ensuring the oven doo

Page 6 - Features

Fan Only SettingDefrosting frozen meat and poultryJoints of meat and whole birds should be defrosted slowly, preferably in a refrigerator (allowing 5-

Page 7 - Controls

‘S’“SLOW” SettingThis is used for slow cooking, keeping food warm and warming plates for short periods. Extra care should be taken when warming bone c

Page 8 - 00..0000

˚FGasMark1/21250 100120130140160170180200210220110130140150170180190210220–120140150160180190200220––27530032535037540042545047523456789MainConvention

Page 9 - 11..4411

Oven Temperature Chart - Meat16Main Fan Oven CookingMeatBeefLambPorkChicken/Turkeyup to 4kg (8lb)Turkey up to 5.5kg(12lb)Turkey over 5.5kg(12lb)Casser

Page 10 - Grill Pan and Handle

Oven Temperature Chart – Baking17Note: If soft tub margarine is being used for cake making, we would recommend using the all inone method and to reduc


Cooking Result Not Satisfactory?GRILLUneven cooking front to back Ensure that the grill pan is positioned centrally below the grill element.Fat splatt

Page 12 - Guide to Grilling

Contents1Introduction 4 Safety Information 5 Features 7Controls 8Clock / Minute Minder Operation 9 Grill Pan and Handle 11Using the Grill 12Guide


1. “STAY CLEAN” OVEN LINERS (Main Oven)(a) How "Stay clean" works.The surfaces of the "Stay clean" oven liners are treated with a

Page 14 - Light Only Setting

3. OVEN DOORS(a) Control PanelRegularly wipe with a clean, damp cloth and polish with a clean, dry cloth.(b) TrimsIt is advisable to clean the tr

Page 15 - Storage and re-heating ofood:

Care and Cleaning21Warning: Always switch your appliance OFF at the mains supply and allow to cool before cleaning.Note: The door can be wedged open u

Page 16 - Temperature Conversion Chart

Electrical RequirementsFor your own safety, we recommend that your cooker is installed by a competent person such as one who is registered with NICEIC

Page 17 - Oven Temperature Chart - Meat

1. GeneralThe appliance is designed to be mounted on a floor between two adjacent cabinets. The cabinets must be securely fixed to the wall and the co

Page 18 - Main Fan Oven Cooking

Installation24890mm Max870mm Min597mm min720mm min150mm Min170mm Max565mmto top of plinth570 min565mm A minimum distance of 25mm should be maintained

Page 19 - 4'') in height for

InstallationWallFixing BracketCabinet DoorsCooker2.5mm2 85o Cheat resistantcable toBS 6141 Table 15 Cable size to suitcurrent rating of appliance/s H

Page 20 - Care and Cleaning

26Before calling a Service Engineer, please check through the following lists.THERE MAY BE NOTHING WRONG.Something Wrong?ProblemNothing works.Slight o

Page 21

PRINTED BY SIMLEX .FOUR ASHES, WOLVERHAMPTON. 01/2005 Part No. 195046000.00Indesit Company UK Limited, Morley Way, Peterborough, PE2 9JBKey Contact

Page 22

Introduction2This appliance conforms to the following EEC Directives:Electromagnetic Compatibility Low Voltage Equipment89/336/EEC 73/23/EEC92/31/EEC

Page 23 - Installation

Always●Always make sure you remove all packaging and literature from inside the oven and grill compartments before switching on for the first time.●Al

Page 24

Never●Never leave children unsupervised where a cooking appliance is installed as all cooking surfaces will be hot during and after use.●Never allow a

Page 25


Page 26

Cooling Fan: A gentle flow of air will be blown below the control panel when any selector switch is used.Note: Whenever the appliance has been used, t

Page 27 - Something Wrong?

Clock/Minute Minder Operation 7CLOCKFACEThe timer incorporates a 24 hour clock.SYMBOLSA ‘Bell’ symbol will light up when you select a Minute Minder Pe

Page 28 - Key Contacts

8Clock/Minute Minder Operation Here you can set a time period of up to 10 hours, that will count down.When it reaches zero, the timer will emit an aud

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