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Instructions for Installation and Use
Electric Multifunction Oven
Models SD97PEI, SD97PEH
kitchen think
To the Installer
Before installation fill in the product details on the back cover this book.
The information can be found on the rating plate.
To the User
You must read the instructions prior to installing and using the appliance and
then retain them for future reference.
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Page 1 - Models SD97PEI, SD97PEH

Instructions for Installation and UseElectric Multifunction OvenModels SD97PEI, SD97PEHkitchen thinkTo the InstallerBefore installation fill in the p


10Fast clean programmingThe fast clean cycle time and/or cycle end time can beprogrammed after selecting the fast clean mode.Programming the fast clea

Page 3 - Introduction

11Practical Cooking AdviceThe oven offers a wide range of alternatives which allowyou to cook any type of food in the best possible way. Withtime you

Page 4 - For Your Safety

12I used more than one level (in the function"ventilated oven") and they are not all at the samecooking pointUse a lower temperature setting

Page 5 - Know your Oven

13Setting made Type of food Weig-ht (inkg)Position ofthe rackfrom theoven bottomPreheating time(m in.)ThermostatsettingCookingtime(m in.)1 Convection

Page 6 - How to use your appliance

14How to Keep Your Oven in ShapeBefore cleaning your oven, or performing maintenance,disconnect it from the power supply.To extend the life of your ov

Page 7

15INSTALLATIONThe appliance must be installed only by a qualifiedperson in compliance with the instructions provided.The manufacturer declines all res

Page 8 - Programming the cooking mode

16Fastening the oven to the cabinet1. Place brackets "A" up against the oven support "B".2. Place the tabs "C" up agains


17Inner dimensions of the oven:width 43.5cmdepth 40.0cmheight 32.0cmInner volume of the oven: 54 litresVoltage and frequency of power supply:230-240V5

Page 10 - Fast clean programming

"No company is better positioned to offer an after sales service on aHotpoint appliance than us - the manufacturer"As part of our commitment

Page 11 - Practical Cooking Advice

Guarantee"Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back"We give you a unique 'satisfaction guaranteed' promise - valid for 90 days -

Page 12

2CONTENTSRetention of this Instruction BookThis Instruction Book must be kept handy for reference as it contains important details on the safe and pro

Page 13

195.036.363.04 10/2005 Part no. FP140 - 01Over 1200 trained specialists, directly employed by us, ensure that you can have complete confiden

Page 14 - Glass door

3IntroductionYour new electric oven is guaranteed* and will give lasting service. This guarantee is only applicable if the appliancehas been installe


4When used properly your appliance is completely safe but as with any electrical product there are certainprecautions that must be observed.PLEASE REA

Page 16 - Troubleshooting

5Know your OvenB CDAA. Control PanelB. Cooking mode selection knobC. Cooking temperature selection knobD. Electronic programmer - Allows you to progra

Page 17 - Electrical Connection

6How to use your applianceThe 7 Cuochi oven combines the advantages of traditionalconvection ovens with those of the more modern fan assistedmodels in

Page 18 - After Sales Service

7bakes, roast chicken and potatoes, etc… Moreover, theexcellent heat distribution makes it possible to use lowertemperatures when cooking roasts. This

Page 19 - Guarantee

8Programming the cooking modeThe cooking time and/or end cooking time can beprogrammed after the desired cooking mode has beenselected.Programming the

Page 20 - Key Contacts

9Automatic cleaning with the fast clean functionWhen the fast clean function has been enabled, thetemperature inside the oven reaches 500 °C, which is

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