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Page 1 - Instructions


Page 2

Hotplates General Information Notes8Use of HotplatesUnder no circumstances should the hob be used with aluminium foil in contact with the hobsurface.T

Page 3 - Contents

Hob General Information9● Use good quality flat-basedcookware on all electric heatsources.● Ensure pans have clean, drybases before use.● Ensure pans

Page 4 - Introduction

Temperature Conversion Chart10˚FGasMark1/21250100120130140160170180200210220110130140150170180190210220–120140150160180190200220––27530032535037540042

Page 5 - Installation


Page 6 - Safety Information

Guide To Grilling12Pre - heat the grill for 5 minutes on maximum control setting before grillingThe settings in the above guide have been developed to

Page 7

OvenWith the oven door closed, heating of the oven is achieved by turningthe control clockwise to the required ‘oven temperature’ scale on the control

Page 8 - Features

Oven Cookery Notes14The secret of succulent, tender meat, is not to roast quickly at too high atemperature. Best results are obtained when roasting is

Page 9 - Control Panel

15190/200˚C approx. 20-25 mins.per 450g (1 lb) + 20 mins overFoodBeef 190/200˚C approx. 25-30 mins.per 450g (1 lb) + 25 mins overTemperature and Time

Page 10

16FoodSconesSmall Cakes220/230˚C 10-15 mins190/200˚C approx. 20-25 minsTemperature and Time Position in OvenRunners 1 and 4from bottom of ovenSponge S

Page 11 - Hob General Information

ProblemGrillingUneven cooking frontto backEnsure that the grill pan is correctlypositioned beneath the grill element.Fat splatteringEnsure that the gr

Page 13

Care and Cleaning18Turn OFF the main control unit and allow the cooker to coolbefore cleaning.Before switching on again, ensure that all controls are

Page 14 - Guide To Grilling

Oven Door Wipe over the door outer panel with a cloth wrung out in warm soapy water, then after wiping with a cloth wrung out in clear water, dry wit

Page 15 - Oven Cookery Notes

Problem CheckSlight odour or small This is normal and should cease after a short period.amount of smoke whenusing the cooker for thefirst time.Cooker

Page 17 - Oven Temperature Chart - Meat

PRINTED BY SIMLEX .FOUR ASHES, WOLVERHAMPTON. 09/2004 Part No. 195045498.00Key ContactsServiceWe have the largest appliance manufacturer’s service

Page 18

Key Contacts Back CoverInstallation 3For your Safety – Always 4For your Safety – Never 5Features 6Control Panel 7Hotplates General Information Notes 8

Page 19

Introduction2This appliance conforms to the following EEC Directives:Electromagnetic Compatibility Low Voltage Equipment89/336/EEC 73/23/EEC92/31/EEC

Page 20 - Care and Cleaning

Installation3WARNING – THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED.Mains ConnectionYour cooker should have been checked to ensure that the voltage corresponds with

Page 21

Safety Information4When used properly your appliance is completely safe but as with any electrical productthere are certain precautions that must be o

Page 22 - (back cover)

Safety Information5● Never stare at Halogen heating units● Never leave children unsupervised where a cooking appliance is installed as all surfaces wi

Page 23

Features6Hotplate BezelOven DoorGrill PanModel/Serialno.Food SupportControl PanelRating plate (on rear panel)7" HotplateFixed / Detatched GrillPa

Page 24 - Key Contacts

Control Panel7Note: Always ensure that all controls are in the OFF position, when appliance is not in use.

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