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Page 1 - Instructions

Instructions60cm Slot-inCookers

Page 2 - This book covers:

Clock/Minute Minder Operation (61DC & ARC60)10CLOCKFACEThe timer incorporates a 24 hour clock.SYMBOLSA ‘Bell’ symbol will light up when you select

Page 3 - Contents

11Clock/Minute Minder Operation (61DC & ARC60)Here you can set a time period of up to 10 hours, that will count down.When it reaches zero, the tim

Page 4 - Introduction

12Oven Timer Operation (C367E & C368E)The oven timer offers you the following features:1. Time of Day2. Automatic Cooking3. Minute MinderThe Main

Page 5 - Installation

13Know your Timer(C367E & C368E)CLOCKFACEThe timer incorporates a 24 hour clock.Ensure the correct time of day is always set, before using your co

Page 6 - Safety Information

Electronic Clock & Automatic Oven TimerOperation(C367E & C368E)14SETTING THE TIME OF DAYStep 1 Make sure all oven controls are turned Off.Step

Page 7

Electronic Clock & Automatic Oven TimerOperation (C367E & C368E)15Step 3 Press and hold in the Cook Period button.The display will read 0.00

Page 8 - Features

Electronic Clock & Automatic Oven TimerOperation (C367E & C368E)16Step 4 Press & hold in the Cook Period button, the display will read 0

Page 9 - Control Panel

Electronic Clock & Automatic Oven TimerOperation (C367E & C368E)17OTHER NOTES ON TIMER OPERATION1. When cooking Automatically the Cook Perio


˚FGasMark1/21250 100120130140160170180200210220110130140150170180190210220–120140150160180190200220––27530032535037540042545047523456789MainConvention


Ceramic Hob19Heating only occurs within the marked circular cooking zones. Thezones heat up and cool down quicker, providing greater controllabi

Page 12

This book covers:C367EC36861DCARC602

Page 13 - Know your Timer

20Care of the Ceramic HobIn order to keep your ceramic hob in good condition, follow these simple guidelines:Do not stare at halogen heating units.Do

Page 14 - Operation

21Care of the Ceramic Hob (continued)Safety requirements fordeep fat fryingIMPORTANT: As with any cooking appliance there could be some firerisk attac

Page 15

Grill Pan and Handle22Grill pan handle The grill pan handle is detachable from the pan, to facilitate cleaningand storage.The handle can be either det

Page 16


Page 17

Guide to Grilling24Pre - heat the grill for 5 minutes on maximum control setting before grillingThe settings in the above guide have been developed to

Page 18 - Temperature Conversion Chart

Top Oven Cookery Notes25The top oven should be used to cook small quantities of food. Theoven is designed so that the grill element operates at a redu

Page 19 - Ceramic Hob

Main Oven Cookery NotesThe oven is fitted with ‘Stay clean’ liners and two rod shelves.To heat the oven turn the knob clockwise, selecting th

Page 20 - Care of the Ceramic Hob

Oven Temperature Charts – Meat27Beef/ Lamb(slow roasting)Meat170/18035 mins per 450g(1lb) + 35 mins over.Runner 1frombottom ofoven.35-40 mins per 450g

Page 21

SconesFoodPre-heatYes210/22010-15Runner 2 frombottom of oven20-2520-3020-2510-1560-75 7 inchDepending on sizeDepending onrecipeDepending onrecipe3

Page 22 - Grill Pan and Handle

‘S’ SLOW setting“Slow” cook is identified as ‘S’ on the oven temperature scale.This is used for slow cooking, keeping food warm and warming plates for

Page 23

Contents3Introduction 4 Installation 5Safety Information 6-7 Features 8Control Panel 9Clock/Minute Minder (61DC & ARC60) 10-11Oven Timer Opera

Page 24 - Guide to Grilling

1. Plastic or nylon pads2. Household abrasive powders and scourers. These may scratch the surface.3. Oven chemical cleaners, aerosols and oven pads.Ca

Page 25 - Top Oven Cookery Notes

Care and Cleaning31Ceramic hotplates:Clean your Ceramic hob top regularly and avoid repeated burning of encrusted contamination.Your choice of cleaner

Page 26 - Main Oven Cookery Notes

Refer to the instructions below for cleaning the ‘Stay clean’ panels.The surfaces of the ‘Stay clean’ oven liners are treated on the mottled face wit

Page 27 - Fan Oven Cooking (all models)

Remove the grill pan and the wire grid food support, it is best to wash these items immediatelyafter use to prevent stains from being burnt on when us

Page 28

Care and Cleaning34Take particular care not to damage the inner surface of the door inner glass that iscoated with a heat reflective layer. Do not use

Page 29 - Operation:

Cooking Results Not Satisfactory?35ProblemGrillingUneven cooking frontto backEnsure that the grill pan is positioned centrally belowthe grill element.

Page 30 - Care and Cleaning

ProblemNothing worksTop oven and grill donot work... Main ovenworks.Grill does not work.Grill keeps turningon and off.Timer is showing ‘0.00’Timer buz

Page 31

ProblemDraught from beneath control panelA gentle flow of air will be blown from beneath the controlpanel when the appliance is used. If the appliance

Page 32

38To minimise the risk of injury to children please dispose of your product carefully andsafely. Remove all doors and lids. Remove the mains cable (wh

Page 33


Page 34

Introduction4This appliance conforms to the following EEC Directives:Electromagnetic Compatibility Low Voltage Equipment89/336/EEC 73/23/EEC92/31/EEC

Page 35

PRINTED BY SIMLEX .FOUR ASHES,WOLVERHAMPTON. 04/2006 Part No. 195056013.00Indesit Company UK Limited, Morley Way, Peterborough, PE2 9JBKey ContactsA

Page 36

5InstallationWARNING –THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED.Mains ConnectionYour cooker should have been checked to ensure that the voltage corresponds with

Page 37

Safety Information6When used properly your appliance is completely safe but as with any electrical productthere are certain precautions that must be o

Page 38 - Disposal of your product

Safety Information7● Never stare at Halogen heating units● Never leave children unsupervised where a cooking appliance is installed as all surfaceswil

Page 39

Features8Control panel- 6 button Timer(C367E & C368E).- 2 button Clock/Minute Minder (61DC & ARC60).Grill pan and food support1800W Ceramic (C

Page 40 - Key Contacts

Control Panel9Hob Hotneon6 button Timer(Main Oven only)In common with all cookers having controls sited above the grillcompartment, care mus

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