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Page 1 - Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions

Page 2 - TT 22E UK

1010enThe Guarantee does not cover:• Damage resulting from transportation, improper use, neglect or interference or as a result of improper installat

Page 3 - TT 44E UK

1111enConsumables and AccessoriesWe supply a full range of consumables and accessories tokeepyourproductfunctioningefcientlythroughoutits life


Indesit Company UK LtdMorley Way,Peterborough PE2 9JBwww.indesitcompany.comTT 22E UK - TT 44E UK07/2015 - ver.1.0

Page 5

22enTT 22E UK12311094 325678Picture 1

Page 6

33enTT 44E UK12391014 325678Picture 2

Page 7

44enSAFETY INSTRUCTIONSIMPORTANT TO BE READ AND OBSERVED• Before using the appliance carefully read Health and Safety and Use and Care guides. • Kee


55en• CAUTION : The appliance is not intended to be operated by means of an external timer or separate remote controlsystem. • Do not

Page 9

66en• Donotuseextensionleads,multiplesocketsoradapters.Donotconnecttheappliancetoasocketwhichcanbeoperatedbyremotecontrol.•


77enCORRECT USE • Never cover the toaster slot. • Do not touch parts other than the operating controls, as the toaster will can become hot during to

Page 11 - Consumables and Accessories

88enIf you toast only one slice, set the toasting level lower than for two slices. If you toast the food continuously, the toasting colour of the diff

Page 12 - 07/2015 - ver.1.0

99enThe function is not available on levels 1 and 2; in these cases, when the reheat button is hold down, the display will quickly ash 3 times and R

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