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First time you turn on your dryer
you must select your preferred
language see Display
English, 1
Installation, 2
Warnings, 4
Care and Maintenance, 6
Control Panel, 8
Laundry, 8
The Display, 9
Start and Programmes, 11
Troubleshooting, 15
Service, 16
TCD 871
Instruction booklet
This symbol reminds you to read this in-
struction manual.
! Keep this manual at hand for immediate reference whenever
necessary. Always store this manual close to the tumble dryer and
remember to pass it on to any new owners when selling or tran-
sferring the appliance, so they may familiarise with the warnings
and suggestions herein contained.
! Read these instructions carefully: the following pages contain
important information on installation and useful suggestions for
operating the appliance.
Nederlands, 49
Italiano, 33
Français, 65
Deutsch, 17
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Page 1 - Instruction booklet

1First time you turn on your dryeryou must select your preferredlanguage see DisplayEnglish, 1ContentsInstallation, 2Warnings, 4Care and Maintenance,

Page 2 - Installation

10GBThe DisplayTimed drying After selecting a programme that has a Timed Dry option, press the Timed button and the display will increment the sel

Page 3 - Levelling the tumble dryer

11GBChoosing a programme1. Plug the dryer into the electrical socket.2. Sort your laundry according to fabric type (see Laundry).3. Open the door and

Page 4 - Warnings

12GBn° ProgrammeDescription of programThe duration of the drying cycles can be checked on the display1.1 Standard Cotton• This is a programme for cot

Page 5

13GBNote: 1 - The duration of the program will depend on the size of the load, types of textiles, the spin speed used in your washer and any extra opt

Page 6 - Care and maintenance

14GBThe Controls! Warning, after pressing the START/PAUSE button , the programme cannot be changed. To change a selected programme, press the START/

Page 7 - Adjustable feet

15GBTroubleshooting Possible causes / Solution:• The plug is not plugged into the socket, or not making contact.• There has been a power failure.•

Page 8 - Control panel

16GBServiceInformation on recycling and disposal As part of our continual commitment towards environmental protection, we reserve the right to use

Page 9

2GBWhere to put your dryer The dryer should be installed in an ambient room temperature of between 20 to 23°C for optimum performance. But will functi

Page 10 - The Display

3GBThis household tumble drier is a CondenserThe weighted Annual Energy Consumption (AEc)* kWh 1) 306.0This household tumble drier is a AutomaticEne

Page 11 - Start and Programmes

4GBWarnings! This appliance has been designed and built according to international safety standards. These warnings are given for safety reasons and m

Page 12

5GBwaxes and wax removers. Ensure these items have been washed in hot water with an extra amount of detergent before being dried in the tumble dryer.•

Page 13

6GBDisconnecting the power supply! Disconnect the dryer when not in use or during cleaning and maintenance operations.Cleaning the filter after each c

Page 14

7GBthe surface of the metal plates. Carefully clean this fluff off with a damp cloth,sponge or vacuum cleaner. Never use your Fingers.5. Assemble the

Page 15 - Troubleshooting

8GBControl panelPROGRAMMESelection ButtonsDisplay UnitON/OFFButtonCHILD LOCK & OPTIONSButtons & LightsSTART/PAUSEButton & LightThe ON/OFF

Page 16

9GBThe DisplaySelecting your languageThe fi rst time you turn on your dryer you should select your preferred language from the available list.Understan

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