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Instruction booklet
Installation, 2
Where to put your dryer
Water drain
Electrical connection
Before you start using your dryer
Warnings, 3-4
General safety
To minimise the risk of fire
Maintenance and Care, 5-6
Switching off the electricity
Cleaning the filter after each cycle
Empty the water container after each cycle
Cleaning the condenser unit
Check the drum after each cycle
Cleaning the dryer
Dryer description, 7
To open the door
The features
Control panel
The Display, 8-10
Start and programmes, 10-13
Choosing a programme
Programmes Table
The Controls
Laundry, 14
Sorting your laundry
Wash care labels
Drying times
Troubleshooting, 15
Service, 16
Spare Parts
Recycling and Disposal
Product data, 17
First time you turn on your dryer
you must select your preferred
language see page 8
This symbol reminds you to read this
! Keep this instruction booklet on hand in order to refer
to it when necessary. Take it with you when you
move, and should you sell this appliance or pass it
on to another party, make sure that this booklet is
supplied along with the dryer so that the new owner
may be informed about warnings and suggestions on
how the appliance works.
! Read these instructions carefully; the following
pages contain important information on installation
and suggestions on how the appliance works.
To activate your free* 5 Year Parts Guarantee
Call free on 0800 519 2102
*Labour charges not included. Terms and consitions apply. Lines open 364 days a year.
Calls are free from a BT landline. Charges from other providers and mobiles may apply.
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Page 1 - Instruction booklet

Instruction booklet1ContentsInstallation, 2Where to put your dryerVentilationWater drainElectrical connectionBefore you start using your dryerWarnings

Page 2 - Installation

10GBThe DisplayStart and ProgrammesWarningsThe second line of the display also gives warnings and reminders: (reminders occur at the end of the progra

Page 3 - Warnings

11Start and ProgrammesGBProgramme Options availableStandard CottonMicrofibreDelicatesEasy IronRefreshSyntheticsBed & BathProgrammes Table ! If the

Page 4

12GBStart and ProgrammesMicrofibre●This is a programme that has low temperatures and a special cycle for drying anti-allergy fibres like microfibre.●I

Page 5 - Maintenance and Care

13GBStart and Programmes! Warning, after pressing the Start/Pause button , theprogramme cannot be changed.To change a selected programme, press th

Page 6

14GBLaundrySorting your laundry●Check symbols on clothing labels to make sure that the articles can be tumble dried.●Sort laundry by fabric type.●Empt

Page 7 - Dryer Description

15TroubleshootingGBOne day your dryer seems not to be working. Before you call your Service Centre (see Service), go through thefollowing troubleshoot

Page 8

16 GBServiceSpare PartsThis dryer is a complex machine. Repairing it yourselfor having a non-authorised person try to repair it couldcause harm to one

Page 9

GB17Product Data... (EU Regulation 392/2012)Brand Hotpoint Models TCD ET87BTCD NW85Rated capacity of Cotton laundry for the standard programme at ful

Page 12

2GBInstallationWhere to put your dryer ●Place your dryer at a distance from gas ranges, stoves, heaters, or cook tops because flames can damage the ap

Page 13

195123040.01 N06/2014 - LION fpg . Four Ashes, Wolverhampton20 GB

Page 14 - Drying times

3Warnings! The appliance has been designed andbuilt according to international safety standards. These warnings are given for safety reasons and must

Page 15 - Troubleshooting

GBWarnings4To minimise the risk of fire in your tumble dryer, the following should beobserved:●Tumble dry items only if they have been washed with det

Page 16 - Essential Contact Information

5! Failure to empty the water container may causethe following:- The dryer will stop heating (so the load may still be damp at the end of the drying c

Page 17 - (EU Regulation 392/2012)

6GBMaintenance and CareQuick Tips●Remember to clean the door filter and the condenser filter after each load.●Remember to empty the water container af

Page 18

7Dryer DescriptionGBControl panelPROGRAMMESelection ButtonsDisplay UnitSTART/PAUSE Button & LightON/OFFButtonCHILD LOCK &OPTIONSButtons &

Page 19

8GBSelecting your languageThe DisplayUnderstanding the displayProgramme selection and displayThe selected programme is shown on the first line of the

Page 20 - 195123040.01 N

9GBProgramme progressThe DisplayDelay and Time to EndSome programmes can have a delayed start (see Start and Programmes). Press the Delay Timer button

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