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Page 1 - Operating Instructions Instructions

Page 2 When the indicator mark on the upper multicyclo-ne (22) and the blocked mark on the dustbin are lined up completely, the d

Page 3 - 32 33 35 THE ENVIRONMENTDISPOSAL OF PACKAGING MATERIALS The packaging material is 100% recycla-ble and is marked

Page 4 - 37 38 39• plugs, cables, light bulbs, hoses, brushes, cov-ers and lters.• Replacement of any removable parts made of glass or plastic

Page 5 - SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Possible causes / SolutionsThe vacuum cleaner cannot be switched on.• Check if the Start/Sto

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8 - Assembling (A, B)

Indesit Company UK LtdMorley Way,Peterborough PE2 Cyclonic UK08/2016 - ver. 5.0


137862910111216120215 4 3172228262524292730311819231415SL M07 A3E O UK | SL M07 A3M O UK


32 33 353436CABD


37 38

Page 12 - Consumables and Accessories INSTRUCTIONSIMPORTANT TO BE READ AND OBSERVED• Before using the appliance, read these safety instructions. Kee

Page 13 - TROUBLESHOOTING damp substances - risk of electrical shock.• Do not use the appliance on persons or animals - risk of injury.INSTALLATION• Do n

Page 14 CONNECTIONSFuse replacement If the mains lead of this appliance is tted with a BS 1363A 13amp fused plug,

Page 15 OF THE VACUUM CLEANER1. Multi brush*2. Bristle-adjustment pedal3. Deluxe parquet brush*4. Parquet brush*5. Upholste

Page 16 - 08/2016 - ver. 5.0 To switch off the appliance press the start/stop button (32) again.6. Disconnect the plug from the electrical out

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