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English, 1
Installation, 2-3-4-5-6-7
Unpacking and levelling
Connecting the electricity and water supplies
The first wash cycle
Technical data
Instructions for the fitter
Description of the Washer-dryer and
starting a wash cycle, 8-9
Control panel
Indicator lights
Starting a wash cycle
Wash cycles, 10
Table of wash cycles
Personalisation, 11
Setting the temperature
Setting the drying cycle
Detergents and laundry, 12
Detergent dispenser drawer
Preparing the laundry
Garments requiring special care
Load balancing system
Precautions and tips, 13
General safety
Opening the porthole door manually
Care and maintenance, 14
Cutting off the water or electricity supply
Cleaning the Washer-dryer
Cleaning the detergent dispenser drawer
Caring for the door and drum of your appliance
Cleaning the pump
Checking the water inlet hose
Troubleshooting, 15
Assistance, 16
BHWD 129
Instructions for use
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Page 1 - Instructions for use

GBEnglish, 1ContentsInstallation, 2-3-4-5-6-7Unpacking and levellingConnecting the electricity and water suppliesThe first wash cycleTechnical da

Page 2 - Installation

GBWash cyclesWash cyclesTable of wash cyclesDescription of the wash cycleMax.temp.(°C)Max.speed(rpm)DryingDetergentsMax.load(kg)Max.load(kg)Cycledur

Page 3 - 65 - 100 cm

GBPersonalisationSetting the temperatureTurn the TEMPERATURE knob to set the wash temperature (see Table of wash cycles).The temperature may be lo

Page 4 - The first wash cycle

 GBDetergents and laundryDetergent dispenser drawerGood washing results also depend on the correctdose of detergent: adding too much detergent will

Page 5 - Technical data

GB!Precautions and tips! This Washer-dryer was designed and constructedin accordance with international safety regulations.The following inform

Page 6 - Instructions for the fitter

"GBCare and maintenanceCutting off the water andelectricity supplies Turn off the water tap after every wash cycle.This will limit wear on th

Page 7 - Fig. 11 Fig. 12

GB#TroubleshootingYour Washer-dryer could fail to work. Before contacting the Technical Assistance Centre(see Assistance), make sure that the

Page 8 - Control panel

$GBAssistanceGuarantee12 Months Parts and Labour GuaranteeYour appliance has the benefit of our manufacturers guarantee, which covers the cost

Page 9 - Starting a wash cycle

GB%After Sales ServiceNo one is better placed to care for your Hotpoint appliance during the course of itsworking life than us - the m

Page 12 - Detergents and laundry

GBInstallationLevelling your appliance correctly will provide it withstability and avoid any vibrations, noise and shiftingduring operation. If i

Page 13 - Precautions and tips

GB195069534.00 02/2008 - Xerox Business Services

Page 14 - Care and maintenance

GB! the supply voltage is included within the valuesindicated on the Technical details table(see page 5); the socket is compatible with the washin

Page 15 - Troubleshooting

"GBAs the colours of the wires in the lead may notcorrespond with the coloured markings identifyngthe terminals in your plug, proceed as follow

Page 16 - Assistance

GB#Technical dataModelBHWD 129Dimensionswidth 59.5 cmheight 81,5 cmdepth 54 cmCapacityfrom 1 to 6,5 kg for the wash programmefrom 1 to 5 kg for the dr

Page 17 - After Sales Service

$GBInstructions for the fitterMounting the wooden panel onto the door andinserting the machine into cabinets:In the case where the machine must be s

Page 18

GB%Using the Drilling Template.- To trace the positions of the holes on the left-handside of the panel, align the drilling template to the topleft sid

Page 19

&GBDescription of the Washer-dryer andstarting a wash cycleDetergent dispenser drawer: used to dispensedetergents and washing additives (see

Page 20 - 195069534.00

GB'Indicator lightsThe indicator lights provide important information.This is what they can tell you:Wash cycle phase indicator lightsOnce t

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