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Installation, 2-3-4-5
Unpacking and levelling
Connecting the electricity and water supplies
Technical data
Description of the machine, 6-7
Control panel
Running a wash cycle, 8
Wash cycles and options, 9
Table of wash cycles
Wash options
Detergents and laundry, 10
Preparing the laundry
Washing recommendations
Load balancing system
Precautions and advice, 11
General safety
Opening the porthole door manually
Care and maintenance, 12
Cutting off the water and electricity supplies
Cleaning the machine
Cleaning the detergent dispenser drawer
Caring for your appliance drum
Cleaning the pump
Checking the water inlet hose
Trouble shooting, 13
Assistance, 14
AQ9L 29 U
Instructions for
installation and use
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Résumé du contenu

Page 1 - Instructions for

EN1English,1ContentsInstallation, 2-3-4-5Unpacking and levellingConnecting the electricity and water suppliesTechnical dataDescription of the machine,

Page 2 - Installation

EN10Detergents and laundryDetergentThe type and quantity of detergent required depend onthe type of fabric you are washing (cotton, wool, silk,etc.),

Page 3 - Electric connection

EN1120Precautions and tips The machine was designed and constructed inaccordance with international safety regulations. Thefollowing information i

Page 4

EN1212Cutting off the water and electricitysupplies Turn off the water tap after every wash cycle. This willlimit wear on the hydraulic system in the

Page 5 - Technical data

EN13Trouble shootingYour washing machine could occasionally fail to work. Before contacting the Technical Assistance Centre(see Assistance), make s

Page 6 - Description of the machine

EN14AssistanceGuarantee12 Months Parts and Labour GuaranteeYour appliance has the benefit of our manufacturers guarantee, which covers the cost

Page 7 - Control panel

EN15After Sales ServiceNo one is better placed to care for your Hotpoint appliance during the course of itsworking life than us - the

Page 8 - Running a wash cycle

EN16195075247.0204/2009 - Xerox Fabriano

Page 9 - Wash cycles and options

EN2Installation This instruction manual should be kept in a safe placefor future reference. If the washing machine is sold,given away or moved, pleas

Page 10 - Detergents and laundry

EN3Connecting the drain hoseConnect the drain hose,without bending it, to adraining duct or a walldrain situated between65 and 100 cm from thefloor;

Page 11 - Precautions and tips

EN4As the colours of the wires in the lead may notcorrespond with the coloured markings identifyng theterminals in your plug, proceed as follows:Conne

Page 12 - Care and maintenance

EN5Technical dataModelAQ9L 29 UDimensionswidth 59.5 cmheight 85 cmdepth 64,5 cmCapacityfrom 1 to 9 kgElectricalconnectionsplease refer to the technica

Page 13 - Trouble shooting


Page 14 - Assistance

EN7TEMPERATURE buttonWASH CYCLESELECTOR knobOPTION buttons withindicator lightsDOOR LOCKEDindicator lightSTART/PAUSEbutton with indicatorlightWASHCYCL

Page 15 - Essential Contact Information

EN8WARNING: before you use the washing machine forthe first time, run a wash cycle with detergent and nolaundry, using the 90° cottons cycle without p

Page 16 - 195075247.02

EN9Wash options Easy IronBy selecting this option, the wash and spin cycles will bemodified in order to reduce the formation of creases.At the end of

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