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Page 1 - KRVX 6010

KRVX 6010Instructions for use501973502000_GB 28-11-2007 17:09 Pagina 1

Page 2

Preparing the appliance for useSwitching on the applianceInsert the plug to start the appliance and then set the temperature on the front panel. A gre

Page 3

Note: To store the wine correctly we recommend setting the thermostat temperature at 10°C (uppercompartment) to obtain a temperature of 15 – 16°C. For

Page 4 - Safeguarding the environment

Before any maintenance or cleaning, unplug the appliance or disconnect the appliance from thepower supply.The wine cellar defrosts completely automati

Page 5

Before contacting the Customer Care Center…Problems of operation are often due to simple causes, which may be identified and solved without usingany t

Page 6 - Introduction to wine

Before contacting the Customer CareCenter…Switch the appliance on again to see if the problemhas disappeared. If not, switch it off again andrepeat th

Page 7 - Storing the bottles

• Assemble the appliance with the correctventilation as shown in the figures.• The doors cannot be reversed on this wine cellar.• Install the applianc

Page 8

555Installation16501973502000_GB 28-11-2007 17:09 Pagina 16

Page 9 - Description of the appliance

Electrical connection• The electrical connections must conform to the local regulations.• The data on the voltage and power consumption are given on t

Page 10 - How to operate the appliance

501973502000_GB 28-11-2007 17:09 Pagina 18

Page 11

501973502000_GB 28-11-2007 17:09 Pagina 19

Page 12 - Cleaning and maintenance

501973502000_GB 28-11-2007 17:09 Pagina 2

Page 13 - Troubleshooting guide

5019 735 02000Printed in Italyn11/07GB501973502000_GB 28-11-2007 17:09 Pagina 20

Page 14 - After-Sales Service

Before using your wine cellar 4Safeguarding the environment 4General precautions and suggestions 5Introduction to wine 6Storing the bottles 6Table of

Page 15 - Installation

The appliance which you have purchased is a wine cellar – a professional appliance intended exclusively forkeeping wines.For best use of your applianc

Page 16

• Use the wine cellar only to store wines and donot put any other type of food into it.• Be careful not to cover or obstruct theappliance’s ventilatio

Page 17

Storing wineAs is well known, wine will keep for a long time; if kept in a suitable placewhite wines will keep for about two years from the date of ha

Page 18

Classical storage with 36 bottlesIf you want to arrange the bottles for storing wine so that they are visible and easy to take out, werecommend the 36

Page 19

Other configurations for storing bottlesSTANDARD36 Bottles (100% on their sides)5 racks usedSTORAGE44 Bottles (100% on their sides)1 rack usedSERVICE4

Page 20 - 5019 735 02000

The table gives the indicative temperatures at which the wine should be served.If the wine must be served at a higher temperature than that set inside

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