Hotpoint TCM570 Manuel de l'utilisateur

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Instruction booklet
Important information, 2-3
Installation, 4
Where to put your dryer
Door reversal instructions
Water drain
Electrical connection
Before you start using your dryer
Dryer description, 5
To open the door
The features
Control panel
Start and programmes, 6
Choosing a programme
Laundry, 7-8
Sorting your laundry
Wash care labels
Special clothing items
Drying times
Warnings and Suggestions, 9
General safety
Saving energy and respecting the environment
Maintenance and Care, 10
Switching off the electricity
Cleaning the filter after each cycle
Check the drum after each cycle
Empty the water container after each cycle
Cleaning the condenser unit
Cleaning the dryer
Troubleshooting, 11
Service, 12
! Keep this instruction booklet on hand in order to refer to it when necessary. Take it with you when you move, and
should you sell this appliance or pass it on to another party, make sure that this booklet is supplied along with the
dryer so that the new owner may be informed about warnings and suggestions on how the appliance works.
! Read these instructions carefully; the following pages contain important information on installation and suggestions
on how the appliance works.
Installation Description
Start and
Programmes Laundry
Warnings and
and Care Service
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Page 1 - Instruction booklet

Instruction bookletTUMBLE DRYERContentsImportant information, 2-3Installation, 4Where to put your dryerVentilationDoor reversal instructionsWater drai

Page 2 - Important Information

10GBCleaning the drum! Do not use abrasives, steel wool or stainless steelcleaning agents to clean the drum.A coloured film may start to appear on the

Page 3

11ImportantInformationInstallation DescriptionStart andProgrammes LaundryWarnings andSuggestionsMaintenanceand CareServiceTroubleshootingGBTroubleshoo

Page 4 - Installation

12 GBSpare PartsThis dryer is a complex machine. Repairing it yourselfor having a non-authorised person try to repair it couldcause harm to one or mor

Page 8 - Drying times

Indesit Company UK Limited, Morley Way, Peterborough, PE2 9JBKey ContactsAfter Sales ServiceOver 1100 trained specialists, directly employed by us, en

Page 9 - Warnings and Suggestions

2GBImportant Information! You MUST clean the fluff filter after EVERY dryingcycle.Fluff filter...! Failure to clean the filter after EVERY drying cycl

Page 10 - Maintenance and Care

3ImportantInformationInstallation DescriptionStart andProgrammes LaundryWarnings andSuggestionsMaintenanceand CareServiceTroubleshootingGBImportant In

Page 11 - Troubleshooting

4GBWhere to put your dryer ●Place your dryer at a distance from gas ranges,stoves, heaters, or cook tops because flames can damage the appliance.●If y

Page 12 - Spare Parts

5ImportantInformationInstallation DescriptionStart andProgrammes LaundryWarnings andSuggestionsMaintenanceand CareServiceTroubleshootingGBControl pane

Page 13

6GBChoosing a programme1. Plug the dryer into the electrical socket.2. Sort your laundry according to fabric type (see Laundry).3. Open the door make

Page 14

7ImportantInformationInstallation DescriptionStart andProgrammes LaundryWarnings andSuggestionsMaintenanceand CareServiceTroubleshootingGBSorting your

Page 15

8GBSpecial clothing itemsBlankets and Bedspreads: acrylic items (Acilan,Courtelle, Orion, Dralon) must be dried with specialcare on LOW heat setting.

Page 16 - Key Contacts

9ImportantInformationInstallation DescriptionStart andProgrammesLaundryWarnings andSuggestionsMaintenanceand CareServiceTroubleshootingGB! The applian

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