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Page 2

10Cleaning and maintenanceWARNING: Ensure that the appliance is switched off and disconnectedfrom the power supply before performing any cleaning or m

Page 3 - Instructions for use 7

Built-in installationCheck the minimum measurements required for correct installation of the appliance.The coffee machine must be installed in a colum

Page 4

12Secure the power supply cable with the clipprovided. The power supply cable must be longenough to allow the machine to be removed fromthe housing in

Page 5

13ApplianceSee image A on page 4.A1Cup trayA2Service doorA3Coffee feedA4Coffee grounds containerA5Brewing unitA6Cup tray lightsA7On/stand-by buttonA8C

Page 6

• Coffee has been used to factory test the machine and it is therefore completely normal for there tobe traces of coffee in the mill.• Customize water

Page 7

151. The machine is factory-set to make coffee with a standard taste. You can choose coffee with thefollowing tastes: extra-mild, mild, standard, stro

Page 8 - Safety instructions

16The appliance is factory-set to automatically deliver the following amounts of coffee:• Espresso,• Small cup,• Medium cup,• Large cup,• Mug.To modif

Page 9

17• Always check that the machine is ready for use.• Check that the water spout is attached to the nozzle (Figure 6).• Place a container under the spo

Page 10 - Safeguarding the environment

18N.B.:•While making cappuccino, you can stop frothed milk or coffee run-off by pressing the button(B10).• To keep the milk frother hygienically clean

Page 11 - Built-in installation

Setting the languageTo change the display language, proceed as follows:• Press the MENU button (B2) to access the menu and then buttons (B5) and (B6

Page 13 - Product description

Setting water hardnessIf desired, the interval between descaling cycles can be increased so that descaling is performed lessfrequently and in accordan

Page 14 - WARNING:

Energy saving• Press the icon (B2) to enter the settings menu.• Press the icons (B5) and (B6) until ENERGY SAVING is displayed.• Press the icon (B7

Page 15

22Cleaning the drip trayIf the drip tray is not emptied, the water can overflow. This candamage the machine.The drip tray has a water level indicator

Page 16

23N.B.: If you encounter difficulty inserting the brewing unit, before inserting it adapt it to the right sizeby pressing it forcefully from both the

Page 17 - Running off hot water

Displayed messages24DISPLAYED MESSAGE POSSIBLE CAUSE REMEDYFILL TANK!- The water tank is empty orincorrectly positioned.- Fill the tank with water and

Page 18

Troubleshooting25Below is a list of some possible malfunctions.If the problem cannot be resolved as described, contact After-sales Service.PROBLEM POS

Page 21 - Cleaning and maintenance

400010867023APrinted in Italy10/2017GB

Page 22

Instructions for use 7

Page 26

Safety instructions 8Safeguarding the environment 10Built-in installation 11Product description 13Technical data 13Using the appliance for the first t

Page 27

Safety instructions8Important to be read and observedBefore using the appliance, read these safety instructions. Keep themnearby for future reference.

Page 28 - 400010867023A

farm houses; by clients in hotels, motels, bed & breakfast and otherresidential environments.This appliance is not for professional use. Do not us

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